Communicate with intelligence using this satellite dish prop

Qty Description Cost
1 Universal Solid Metal 60cm Digital Satellite TV Dish £14.99
1 USB 2.0 panel mount (Female A socket) £1.90
1 Aluminium die cast metal case (92.5×38.5x31mm) £3.93
1 Data storage module £0.90
1 Black rubber anti dust USB plug £0.14

Total Cost: ≈ £22.00

Building on the technology developed for the HDD units, this satellite dish provides a unique objective with some degree of interactivity. The base satellite dish used here has been modified to be self standing, rather than wall mounted.

As often is the case, two of these were made at the same time to reduce the overall cost of each item, resulting in producing both for around £50 (including the additional cost of paint not mentioned above).

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