Fixing the incorrect auto date and time on the iPhone 4

If you are having problems with your iPhone 4 displaying the incorrect date and time when using the “Set Automatic” option, there are a number of possible solutions that could fix the problem.

The issue in my case seemed to be caused by the the phone shutting down automatically due to an empty battery, although there may be other causes. Continue reading “Fixing the incorrect auto date and time on the iPhone 4”

Using a BlackBerry Bold as a modem (O2 + Windows)

If you’re away from home or the office and looking to use your laptop to access the internet without a Wi-Fi connection, rather than using your BlackBerry directly you could set it up as a modem using the O2 Mobile Web GPRS Access Point within a couple of minutes.

It’s recommended that you contact O2 with regards to any data charges if you’re worried about any possible costs before continuing with the setup described below. The steps taken assume that you are using the O2 network and using Windows Vista OS. Continue reading “Using a BlackBerry Bold as a modem (O2 + Windows)”

Resetting a Blackberry Bold to it's Factory Settings

In a similar manor the iPhone, you can download and install applications for the BlackBerry Bold, either via the BlackBerry App World or directly from the author’s website. Until recently I had been doing the latter, until one download caused an “Unexpected IO Error”.

I was unable to find any additional debugging information on the error, which was also preventing the SMS and MMS application from displaying or even functioning. Any messages that were sent to me didn’t appear to be reaching me, even read receipts were stating that the message had been delivered. Continue reading “Resetting a Blackberry Bold to it's Factory Settings”

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – My new best friend?

Since it’s release at the beginning of this month (September), I have been toying with the idea of purchasing Dell’s contribution to the UMPC market – the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

At a set price of £299, it’s not the cheapest mini notebook around, but having purchased a number of Dell products in the past I am very confident about the quality of the product.

Although there are no customisable options available to UK customers like those available for the American market, we are offered the highest specification.

The opinions in the Fubra office differ dramatically, some people are strongly against the idea of purchasing the mini 9 and having concerns over it’s practicality and general purpose.

Others – along with myself – can see the mini 9 functioning well as an addition their current setup, allowing them to have a more portable hardware solution rather than hauling around larger laptops and desktop replacements (as in my situation).

Although it wouldn’t be a replacement and more of an extension I am having no some doubts about the purchase. Maybe if I actually saw through my initial impulse purchase last week I wouldn’t be having these thoughts, but bailed at the shipping options section.

To help aid the my final decision and those of any possible future buyers, I alongside Dunham have set up a forum that can be found at, in order to discuss the product and other UMPC related subjects.