Today I wrote my first JavaScript tutorial

Today saw the launch of, a new design blog focussing on six main categories of front end web development, from design to additional enhancements using scripting languages such as Flash and JavaScript.

Although I have a hand in the majority of categories, JavaScript is something I have a keen interest in and was asked to write a short tutorial on a JS related subject.

It took me a while to think of something to base the blog post on, but it eventually coincided well with something I needed for another project I am currently working on.

We’ve all seen the use of pre-filled input areas, where a faded description or hint of what should be entered by the user is inserted into the input and disappears when it is clicked on.

I am a big jQuery fan, so writing a plug-in to solve the issue I had seemed like a good solution, so wrote the first draft of my plug-in whilst trying to describe what was happening along the way.

Hopefully what I’ve written is fairly simple to follow but it is my first attempt at writing a tutorial of this length and detail, so if you have any hints or comments (aka constructive criticism) then do let me know :).

Head over to SixCrayons and have a scan through my tutorial on writing a simple jQuery input hint plug-in, or even just browse through the other categories.

Simple jQuery input hint plug-iin

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