An attempt to write a blog post a day for a whole year

Over the past few days I’ve been setting up a small and simple, yet long term project in which I intend to write at least one blog post a day for entire year, starting with the first post on 1st January 2010.

The project preparation started on the 24th December when I registered the domain name (a little dull, but to the point). Once that and the hosting side of things were ready I installed the latest version of WordPress (2.9) and began coming up with a few ideas for simple theme.

My initial ideas surrounded the fact that it was a year long project, so started developing designs that resembled the look and feel of a calendar. I soon got bored of this when I discovered that it was difficult to find content and navigate around, so opted for a more ‘traditional’ approach instead.

I released the final theme on the site yesterday and started mentioning the idea of YearBlog on twitter and to a few friends, who decided that they may like to get in on the act and join me on this journey – good luck!

Luckily there is a really simple solution for allowing multiple blogs on the same domain (using either sub-domains or sub-directories), in the form of WordPress MU. It didn’t take long until everything was up and running and I was getting ready to start blogging.

Although the project doesn’t actually start until the end of the week, I’ve already written two posts on the subject of preparation. To read more about the project and keep up to date with the progress, head over to my YearBlog.

2 Replies to “An attempt to write a blog post a day for a whole year”

  1. Good luck Steve! – Are you going to try to do it religiously at a certain time each day, or just whenever you get a spare moment? I find it hard to think of occasional things to write for my normal blog – so I’m sure this will be quite a challenge!


    1. Cheers Paul. I think it’s going to be a case of write something as and when, the more useful the better but anything will do. 🙂


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