Eclipse Indigo LDAP Browser plugin installation guide

If you have recently installed or upgraded to Eclipse Indigo 3.7.x and require use of the LDAP browser functionality to connect to and manage an LDAP server from within Eclipse, rather than downloading the entire Apache Directory Studio you can simply install the LDAP browser plugin.

To install this plugin you will need to launch the Eclipse Indigo application and in the main menu bar go to Help > Install New Software.

In the Available Software screen, work with by either entering it into the input or clicking Add… then providing a name, such as “Apache Directory Studio” and using this URL as the location value.

Once loaded, you will see a list of available software, you need to select “Apache Directory Studio LDAP Browser” and click Next >.

After the calculation of dependencies has taken place, you will need to review the items to be installed and click Next > once again.

At this point you are required to review the licenses before the software can be installed. If you accept the terms click Finish to begin the installation process.

During the installation you may be prompted to trust the Apache Directory Studio certificate, ensure you have checked the box before clicking OK otherwise the install will be aborted.

Once the installation is complete you should restart Eclipse before you can begin using the LDAP Browser.

Once restarted, you may not be able to see the LDAP Browser option. To open the perspective go to Window > Open Perspective > Other and choose LDAP from the options list before clicking OK.

You can then proceed to adding a new Connection to your LDAP server by clicking on the small LDAP+ icon in the Connections view which can usually be found in the bottom left of the screen.

If this section is not visible it can be enabled by going to Window > Show View > Connections.


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