Leave an impression with blocks of fake C4 explosive

Qty Description Cost
6 Newclay 1kg Air Drying Model Clay £15.00
1 A4 Recycled Kraft Paper 100gsm 50 sheets £6.00
1 Shrink Wrap Film 88g (100 sheets) £4.00

Total Cost: £25.00

In addition to the these items you will need access to printing facilities, sticky tape and the basic ability to use a graphics editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop. If you aim to shrink wrap the blocks an Impulse heat sealer is ideal.

Begin by mocking up your C4 packaging design. This doesn’t have to be a work of art, in my opinion the simpler the better. The blocks of clay intended for use could be comfortably wrapped in a sheet of A4 paper, all I needed to do was measure the sides and position the design accordingly.


Once happy with the design, print if off and test that it does fit the clay blocks and the graphics look to be correctly positioned.


After making any alignment adjustments to the design, start wrapping your blocks. Position the top / front face first as this is the most important and wrap around this point.



Fold over each of the ends, much like wrapping a present and fix them in place using sticky tape.


You could stop at this stage, the brown paper provides a sufficient finish, however I wanted to add a slightly water resistant edge to aid durability for potential outdoor use. To achieve this I opted to shrink wrap each of the blocks, a cheap solution that doesn’t consume a great deal of time.


The easiest way to get the best seal is to use an impulse sealer, luckily I already had one available, allowing the shrink wrap pockets to be trimmed down slightly and fully sealed.


Here is the final outcome, something which should take 1-2 hours of your time from start to finish.



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