Rocket yourself to success with your very own rocket propelled grenade launcher

Qty Description Cost
1 Bi-pod Foregrip (Picatinny Rail) £8.00
1 Scaffolding pole (40mm inner diameter) FREE
1 Rubber 33-35mm Scope Recoil Eye Protector £12.00
1 Grip and trigger (salvaged) FREE
1 Two point sling £5.00

Total Cost: £25.00

This piece was constructed entirely by my dad, using a lot of salvaged or re-used parts that kept the cost down significantly. The scope, rails, grip and trigger system was taken and modified from an old VFC Scar airsoft weapon. Using the correct diameter pole allows 38mm thermobaric smoke grenades (or similar projectiles) to be propelled a good distance and prove very affective.







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