And with a golden ticket it's a golden day, make your own golden ticket today

Qty Description Cost
1 Pollen A4 Paper – Gold £16.00

Total Cost: £16.00

In addition to the paper, you will need access to printing facilities and basic ability to use a graphics editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Gold Pollen can be purchased in a pack of 50 x A4, 120gsm sheets, which can be printed on using inkjet or laser printers. You could of course use brown or yellow shades of paper, however this brand provides a shiny, golden like finish that looks extremely effective.

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Emulate human typing with the jQuery Teletype Plugin

In a recent web project, we came across the need to use an effect to replicate human interaction and emulate this on the website. The requirement was to type out text, optionally delete portions or all of the output and allow simple options to be used to determine the speed, delays amongst other possibilities.

As often is the case, there were a few options to use from exiting jQuery plugins, however none that I came across worked close enough to the requirement – without drastically modifying them to suit. Having previous experience creating plugins using the jQuery library, piecing something together to produce the desired effect was something to look forward to.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the first draft of the Teletype jQuery Plugin was complete within a few hours, and soon after released into the public domain. It’s been a while since a small personal project like this has been packaged up and shared with the community, which was one of the main reasons for proceeding with the idea.

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Prevent WordPress TinyMCE Editor removing Font Awesome tags

Having recently built a custom WordPress theme making use of the icon font Font Awesome, I came across an issue where the icon tag would be stripped from the TinyMCE editor.

Using the standard markup provided on the Font Awesome pages (Gamepad), the tag would be removed when alternating between Text and Visual editing mode.

<i class="fa fa-gamepad"> fa-gamepad

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How to import an SSH Key into Prompt for iPad via iTunes file transfer

The following steps explain how to set up your SSH Key with the Prompt SSH Client for iOS by Panic using iTunes to transfer the SSH Key file. This is a continuation of the previous post regarding the process of setting up SSH Keys within Diet Coda using the copy and paste import method.

Both the file transfer and copy / paste methods can be used in either application (Diet Coda or Prompt) and although some steps will vary in terms of how they look, the general process is very much the same.

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How to import an SSH Key into Diet Coda for iPad using copy and paste

Panic recently released their new Diet Coda application for iPad, a syntax highlighted remote editing tool with integrated command line support – as seen in their Prompt application – which can be used on both the iPad and iPhone.

To access your server via SSH / SFTP you will need to import your private SSH Key, which can be done in two different ways. The following process takes you through the copy and paste import method as prior to version 1.0.3 there was a bug preventing you from transferring the files via iTunes. Continue reading “How to import an SSH Key into Diet Coda for iPad using copy and paste”

UNIX Count total number of lines in all files recursively

Recently I have been working on a fairly large product alongside one other developer and out of interest was keen to discover roughly how many lines of code we had written between us.

The following snippets use the wc command and can be run on the command line to output the total number of new line characters present in all files within a directory recursively.

wc -l `find /path/to/directory/ -type f`

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Eclipse Indigo LDAP Browser plugin installation guide

If you have recently installed or upgraded to Eclipse Indigo 3.7.x and require use of the LDAP browser functionality to connect to and manage an LDAP server from within Eclipse, rather than downloading the entire Apache Directory Studio you can simply install the LDAP browser plugin.

To install this plugin you will need to launch the Eclipse Indigo application and in the main menu bar go to Help > Install New Software. Continue reading “Eclipse Indigo LDAP Browser plugin installation guide”

Using front-end AJAX requests in your WordPress plugins

Although it is fairly uncommon to be adding AJAX functionality to your WordPress plugins, it can be necessary for it to be added. Luckily it is quite easy and straight forward to integrate the required components as and when they are required.

To help explain how this can be achieved, we will be creating a plugin called “Ajax Example“, stored in the folder “ajax-example” inside the plugin directory of your WordPress install.

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Forcing a WordPress plugin to be loaded before all other plugins

When you activate a plugin via the WordPress admin panel it calls the action hook “activated_plugin“, which updates the “active_plugins” site option stored in the database to determine which plugins your site should load.

The option value is a serialized array of the active plugins saved in alphabetical order according to the plugin directory and file name, for example:

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