Building a full size coffin prop that won't be the death of your bank account

Qty Description Cost
1 Hardwood plywood 1829x607x9mm £15.00
2 Hardwood plywood 1829x607x12mm £30.00
6 Kiln-dried sawn softwood 19x32x2400mm £5.00
6 Chest Handle £15.00
1 Varnish (750ml) £10.00
6 Corner metal 20mm (Optional) £50.00

Additionally, a range of screws and wood stain that we already had in stock were also used to produce this item.

Total Cost: ≈ £75.00 (or £125.00 including metal edging.)

The overall size of this prop was heavily determined by the size of plywood available at the local DIY store. With the most suitable lengths available being 1829mm, this would be used as the height of the coffin and the sides would be half the width of the plywood (607mm / 2). This allowed for it to be cut down the middle and produce little waste.

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The death of Mr. Box Man

It has recently come to my knowledge that an act I participated in a few months ago has leaked into public view in the form of a media project by a year 10 pupil from Calthorpe School in Fleet, Hampshire.

Now in year 11, the student – who we shall refer to as B. Haines – had obtained video footage of myself (in costume) and put into practice his new found video editing skills using a trail version of Video Edit Magic to produce “Death of Mr. Box Man”.

Not only was this used towards his GCSE Media Studies, I have more recently found out that it was played at the school during the final year 10 assembly.

Although I am undoubtedly the main star of the show, all credit must go to Nick Haines for the high quality video recording skills, and Ben for his acting, polishing of the final cut, additional textual commentary and great choice of music – nice work guys!