Prevent WordPress TinyMCE Editor removing Font Awesome tags

Having recently built a custom WordPress theme making use of the icon font Font Awesome, I came across an issue where the icon tag would be stripped from the TinyMCE editor.

Using the standard markup provided on the Font Awesome pages (Gamepad), the tag would be removed when alternating between Text and Visual editing mode.

<i class="fa fa-gamepad"> fa-gamepad

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WP – Enable read more links for pages

When listing pages using the_loop(), the latest version of WordPress (2.8.4) does not allow for a “Read more…” link to be appended to a list of pages using the_content() along with the <!–more–> quicktag.

Although it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, read more links can be enabled by over-riding the global $more variable and setting it to false, before looping through the result set, for example: Continue reading “WP – Enable read more links for pages”

A Taste of Something Different…

It’s been a while since writing my last blog post back in June, but I’m pleased to be getting back into it again.

One of the main reasons for for the lack of updates is due to the stack of work I’ve been attempting to get through and my attempts at redesigning the layout of my blog.

I had a couple of different concepts for the redesign, but this is the design I eventually went with. Continue reading “A Taste of Something Different…”