A Taste of Something Different…

It’s been a while since writing my last blog post back in June, but I’m pleased to be getting back into it again.

One of the main reasons for for the lack of updates is due to the stack of work I’ve been attempting to get through and my attempts at redesigning the layout of my blog.

I had a couple of different concepts for the redesign, but this is the design I eventually went with.

Other ideas included a post-it note type design, where the notes were randomly placed on the screen with the ability to drag and re-organise.


Although I liked the idea of randomisation, after putting the design into practice it failed to fulfil it’s purpose of a blog theme. Content was difficult to get to and awkward to locate, so for this reason decided to take a different approach.

The second design couldn’t be more different from the first. I decided against proceeding with this design for a number of reasons. Firstly, the length of each page would have been too long and secondly I didn’t really like it.

My third and final attempt was loosely based on the previous, using a single fixed width column with the sidebar below the main content. The colours were reduced to a single primary colour – orange – with white text on a dark background.

I felt this was going in the right direction and so continued through with the development process to create the current theme, which – to be honest – is nothing special but it’s quite clean, simple and is a bit different.

3 Replies to “A Taste of Something Different…”

  1. Mate I love your site it does hit on just about every trend in current web design, the background image, the single page scrolling site. All you need now is a static footer.

    Good work sony Jim 😉


  2. Matt: I’m sort of sitting on the fence – although falling slightly one way – with Cufon really. I can’t really decide on which to use from those available (sIFR/FLIR/Cufon). Each have their advantages and disadvantages. I guess what swayed me slightly was that there is a WordPress plug-in for Cufon, making installation and setup really simple.

    Harry: Cheers for the feedback! I may just take up your advice on the static footer idea. I’ll see if I can find a spare moment to sneak it in :).


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