Free BlackBerry applications I use daily

I’ve had my BlackBerry for about a year now and find myself using the same few applications every day. I’m going to quickly run through and explain why each one is used.

BlackBerry App WorldBlackBerry App World is the source for most of the apps that I download, finding myself scanning through looking for new applications that might prove useful.

There is a lot more trust in downloading from here, rather than browsing the internet and downloading from less trusted locations. It allows you to manage any of the paid for or free apps you have downloaded.

WordPressWordPress for BlackBerry allows me to quickly check the numerous blogs that I contribute to. It makes it easy to manage new comments or even start writing a new post (as I am doing this very minute by writing this).

This means I can manage most aspects of my blog whilst on the move and still have available a lot of the functionality of the browser based version.

Internet BrowserThe Internet Browser is something I often use to browse twitter more than anything. I still haven’t managed to find a client that functions well like they do on the iPhone.

Depending on the context of what I’m looking for I sometimes switch to using Opera Mini instead due to it’s improved rendering of graphical web pages with full CSS support and ability to view video content.

BlackBerry MessengerBlackBerry Messenger is a more recent addition to my collection, with the majority of my friends and contacts opting for the iPhone over the BlackBerry I’ve only recently started communicating through it.

It allows me to send and even broadcast free messages to the people on my contacts list. It’s a bit more subtle than MSN messenger as it can quite happily sit running in the background.

Google MailGoogle Mail reinforces the fact that I can’t get away from what I do in life, allowing me to be contacted via email, even when I’m not sat in front of my laptop.

It provides all the basic functionality of your standard web client and the browser based control panel. As far as I’m aware, this application, along with all the others from Google are only available directly from Google.

Google MapsGoogle Maps id the last on my list and although isn’t used as frequently as the others is just as useful, especially if you’re in a situation where don’t have satellite navigation.

It makes available most of the features found on the web based version, including driving directions and geolocation. The introduction of Google Latitude also allows me to browse my list of friends and see where they are in the world – creepy!

So there you have it, my list of frequently used applications. If you would like to recommend any similar ones or use any of the above I’d be interested to hear what you have to say :).

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