WordPress hosted plugins and Tortoise SVN (Windows)

Plugins are used to extend the core functionality of WordPress, allowing you to create almost anything you could possibly require. The Plugin Directory contains thousands of community contributed plugins that you can download, rate, and comment on.

If you’re looking to create your own plugin and want to get it noticed, it’s recommended that you publish and host it in the directory. Here’s a quick guide to take you through the steps of publishing a plugin on a Windows based system.

  1. Download and install Tortoise SVN
  2. Request an SVN repository using the Add Your Plugin page (It may take few hours to get your request approved).
  3. Once you receive the SVN credentials you will be able to access the repository from http://svn.wp-plugins.org/plugin_name.
  4. Checkout the blank repository from your svn account. (This contains three empty folders – branches, tag, trunk). To do this, right click the folder you want to Checkout to and select SVN Checkout.

    Initial Checkout

    Enter the URL of your plugin repository and click OK.

    Initial Checkout URL

    Once the process is complete you will see the three folders that have been added.

    Initial Checkout Done

  5. Copy the plugin files into the trunk folder and create a readme.txt file if one is not already present.

    Copy Files

  6. Commit your changes by right clicking the folder and selecting SVN commit.

    Commit Plugin

  7. You will be prompted for your authentication details, enter your WordPress.org/bbPress.org username and password (the same one you use on the forums).

    Commit Auth

  8. Now create a tag. Right click on the trunk folder and in the context menu go to TortoiseSVN and choose Branch/Tag. In the dialogue box change the url path from /trunk to /tags/0.1 (or whatever you have stated as the stable tag  in the readme file.

    Create Tag

  9. Run SVN update on the tags folder (Right click the tags folder and select SVN Update).

Committing a modified plugin / new version

  1. Make modifications to the trunk folder.
  2. Change the stable tag value in the readme file to the latest stable version, e.g. 0.1.1
  3. SVN commit the latest changes in the trunk.
  4. Tag the new version (see step 8 above) .
  5. SVN update the tags folder.
download the Tortoise SVN

3 Replies to “WordPress hosted plugins and Tortoise SVN (Windows)”

  1. I know the post is a bit old but I just had to reply to say thanks! I just released my first plugin and the instructions were much appreciated to adding my plugin to the WordPress repository.


  2. Just found this by searching for “tortoise and wordpress plugins” because I didn’t know how to create/tag a new version with tortoise.

    The changes are reflected very fast (within several minutes after commit) on wordpress.org.

    Thanks for this easy and quick tutorial. It helped me a lot.


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