WP Page Meta Plugin (1,000 downloads)

The WordPress Page Meta plugin was initially written as a simple solution for adding meta descriptions to pages on a site I have been working on, as this is not available by default. Today it broke through the 1,000 downloads mark.

The plugin quite quickly evolved into a solution that allowed for keywords as well as descriptions to be added, as well as the ability to set a custom page title. If required the page title can even be defined in your page template, allowing for dynamic pages / templates to have specific titles.

Although unsure if anyone would actually be interested in using it, I decided to publish it to the Plugin Directory anyway. If anything it would allow me to manage the versions and easily update the handful of blogs that I have installed it on.

I actually thought that my second plugin, SubHeading would be more popular as there aren’t many existing solutions in the Directory for this. It’s not far behind in downloads, with just over 850 to date.

One Reply to “WP Page Meta Plugin (1,000 downloads)”

  1. I could really use some assistance here. This plugin is no
    longer working for me. I recently updated versions of wordpress and
    page meta as well as installed a new theme. Now all of my page
    titles are using the page titles of the actual pages and not the
    page title specified in the page meta section of the page. I
    checked installation instructions for page meta and it seems they
    have changed a bit from the previous versions but I don’t remember
    what has changed. Any information you can provide would be greatly


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