WP SubHeading Plugin (1,000 downloads)

The WordPress SubHeading plugin allows you to add sub titles to both your blog posts and pages. Last night it followed in the footsteps of my Page Meta plugin by reaching the 1,000 downloads mark.

Yesterday saw over 100 downloads as a result of numerous modifications and updates, some of which due to mistakes on my behalf which was mildly irritating. The main reason behind all the updates was to cater for numerous feature requests and bugs reported by users of the plugin.

This plugin – as with Page Meta – was written for a project I have been working on, however there are very few that solve the issue of adding in sub headings / titles and reposition it below the main title (or at least as far as I am aware).

If you have any feedback on this plugin I recommend you post it on the WordPress Plugins forums, otherwise if you’re looking to install this plugin it can be downloaded here.

WordPress SubHeading Screenshot

One Reply to “WP SubHeading Plugin (1,000 downloads)”

  1. Hi, I am trying to add this to wp_nav_menu but I can’t get it to show up.
    I am using

    ‘after’ => the_subheading()

    It will display it, but only on the current page and only at the top of hte div. It isn’t showing it on each menu item.

    Can you help at all? This is driving me insane!!
    THank you!



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